Aug 30 2014

Skiing for Your Winter Holidays

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If your family loves to ski, you should try a winter holiday instead of just a day or weekend here and there. There are some great locations for a family vacation of skiing.

Maine has one of the best and most beautiful ski centers at Sugarloaf. Sugarloaf Mountain became a ski destination back in 1951 when “The Bigelow Boys” cut a ski trail. Sugarloaf Mountain is the second highest mountain in the state of Maine, second only to Mount Katahdin, the highest.

Cannon Mountain, in New Hampshire, in addition to great skiing also is home to the New England Ski Museum. Here anyone interested in the sport can view old ski equipment and clothes, and see movies, photos and art all connected with skiing. This collection is recognized as one of the best sources for information on the sport of skiing, and the United States Ski Association cites it as only one of four museums in the country devoted to the interest of the skiing community.

Ontario, Canada has a beautiful and large ski resort on the south side of Georgian Bay called Blue Mountain. This ski center boasts a number of six man chair lifts and a lovely pedestrian village. This is a pretty spot for both skiing and lounging.

Whiteface Mountain in New York State is a premier ski range, once home of the winter Olympics. It is the fifth highest mountain in the state, and one of the highest peaks of the Adirondack mountain range. At the top of Whiteface, one has a complete panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and when the weather is clear, you can see Vermont and all the way to Canada. Located near the charming town of Lake Placid, Whiteface Mountain ski area boasts the greatest vertical drop in the eastern United States.

Colorado is famous for skiing, and Aspen is synonymous with the sport. The locals call this town by its former name of Ajax, but by any name, it is a skier’s dream. Alongside its famous sister resort, Vail, it draws many visitors to great vacations each year.

Park City Utah is another western gem that is popular. This resort was the location of the 2002 winter Olympics, and so is a world class ski center.

The origin of skiing comes from snow shoeing, which was a necessity to get around in certain regions of the world. Sondre Norheim is considered the father of skiing. This Norwegian invented slolam skiing in the 1800s, today known as Telemark skiing. Skiing had purely practical roots as a transportation method, but today it is mostly considered a sport and people are attracted to the thrill of a fast downhill run in warm clothes on a cleared and patrolled slope, rather than using it to get from place to place. Even cross country skiers tend to stick to the resort area for safety, and many European cities, where the sport is most popular, ban cross country skiing outside of resort areas.

Many people love the freedom of flying down the slopes but it is important to take lessons and gain some basic skills to avoid injury. Most ski resorts have schools and instructors ready to get snow bunnies up and off on their skis.

If you are in relatively good shape, skiing is not a difficult sport to learn; it just requires some balance and strength. After a day of vigourous skiing, there is nothing like relaxing in the lodge with a cup of hot cocoa by the blazing fire, so if you want to try a great vacation that’s a little different, try one of these resorts.

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Aug 29 2014

Emily Osment and Dadnapped Big Hit for Disney

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Emily Osment has made quite a name for herself starring along with Miley Cyrus on the super hit Disney show “Hannah Montana” and now Emily Osment is of course starting to launch out on her own.

The Lilly Truscott actress was spotted recently signing autographs in New York City and smiling for the paparazzi as she left the CW11 studios.

Emily looked looked good in an army green trench coat with black pants and yellow heels as she was out promoting her new Disney Channel original movie “Dadnapped,” which premiered Monday, February 16, on the Disney Channel. It easily won its time slot.

In its debut, “Dadnapped” (8:00 – 9:40 p.m.), dominated against key time period competition, defeating the highly-publicized original movie knock-off “Spectacular!” on Nickelodeon/Nick-at-Nite by a huge 39% in Total Viewers (4.6 million vs. 3.3 million), by 62% in Kids 6-11 (2.1 million vs. 1.3 million) and by 38% in Tweens 9-14 (1.8 million vs. 1.3 million).

But Emily Osment has been much busier than even that, and on April 10th, she will be back with her girl buddy Miley as “Hannah Montana: The Movie” launches in theaters.

The 17-year-old actress recently talked all about her new film, “Dadnapped. Here are a few of the things Emily had to say:

Best part about filming Dadnapped: We finished the movie in fairly short time of two Months. It was great. It was Moises, who people know from Hannah Montana, and David. All these people I knew from Disney. It was a blast. It was all new friends and old friends and getting to run around Salt Lake City for a couple months.

The on-set story Emily liked the best: Everyday was something new. We were always doing something wild in the movie. We had a blast. We were shooting people with yogurt guns and water balloons. I got sprayed in the face with yogurt. It was so much fun.

Things in Dadnapped fans discovered: I have really obnoxious bangs in the movie. The fact that my hair is perfectly curled throughout all the goop and everything. We were trying to make it seem like I have this natural curl throughout the entire movie, it was just hilarious.

Emily Osment is definitely becoming a household name, and thankfully she’s doing at a pace that seems to keep her grounded, while at the same time building out what looks like a long term career.

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Aug 28 2014

Ever-changing Paris Hilton Acts Out 10 Hot Hairstyles

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Filthy rich girl Paris Hilton‘s every move holds people’s eyeball all the time. Her ever-changing modern image is pleasant. Each time she attends parties or ceremonies, her modeling will become the next goal which people will imitate. Let’s look at Hilton’s different hairstyles which match various situations. We can also steal her tricks and become the the ever-changing hairstyle queen.

1. Improved BOB

Hilton still loves the BOB head in ’09. This new hairstyle shows the improved BOB style trend. The hair on both sides of the cheeks may also hide the weakness of the face.

2. BOB plus glistening hairlace

BOB plus the glistening hairlace are what Hilton brings us for this year’s fashion trend. The glistening hairlace can hold people’s eyeball quickly since every woman cannot resist the enticement of the blingbling stuff.

3. High upsweep

High upsweep of her hair reveals women’s graceful and gentle taste. And along with a fine evening dress, it’ll certainly enable you to become the party queen. This perhaps is one of “Queen Paris” secrets.

4. Elegant and sweet hairstyle

Hilton’s this hairstyle is most appropriate when she’s at parties or important occasions. Gently rolled hair tip reveals women’s gentleness and delightfulness, gracious and elegant.

5. Fluffy big curl

The big curl seems never to be out of time. Hilton’s this hairstyle can decorate the face very well. The fluffy disorderly curl appears lively and lovely, yet does not lose grace.

6. Scratched loose on the top

To scratch the hair on the top of head helps to look more energetic vitality. It suits office ladies well, but it needs careful tending every morning.

7. Hilton’s favorite hair band

The hair band has been hot since last year and it has always been Hilton’s favorite. Being weary of the big curl, occasional use of exquisite hair band can make that impression of a neighbor girl. And this hairstyle is perfect for going out.

8. Smooth long hair

Just like big curl, the smooth long hair is one of women’s favorite hairstyles. Ethereal long smooth hair makes women look hale and hearty as Hilton’s haughty and uninhibited aspect appears.

9. Clean and neat up-do

Hilton’s this up-do makes her quite spell able with all the hair combed up neatly. What should be noticed is that this up-do has a requirement of the face shape. It will not be suitable for women with big face.

10. Braids

Do the Hollywood stars also love braids? Yes! Hilton is one of the braids fans. When doing the braids, you need to make sure that your hairstyle must match with your makeup and clothing, otherwise it’ll just work the opposite effect.

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Aug 27 2014

The High-heel Shoes of Marilyn Moore

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Hot! Hot! Hot! Marilyn Moore, you have never seen these pictures! And one company will take a great film about her! Unfold her death secret? However on catching her sexy old pictures with high-heel shoes, you are still addicted to that. Especially this picture with sliver high heel shoes, Wow, just typical style! Unforgettable! Trust me, you will find sexy shoes not only from these old pictures but also on some hot fashion websites just like milanoo.

As everyone knows Marilyn Moore was died of having too much sleeping draught at her home on 5th, Aug on 1962. But Daily Variety said on 12th this month, under greatest pressure Lionel Grandison was forced to talk that in public, which was spokesman of court at that time. But it was not the truth. According to relative messages, one company will take a film about Marilyn Moore’s death and pay more attention to all kinds of proofs in details. Let us to know a real story!

Film Engine will take charge of this film. Now it is sure that Anthony Rhulen is resphonsi blefor production and John Ryan Jr will write a play. But how is about the main actress? Do not confirm. Rhulen who once manufactured a film The Butterfly Effect pointed out, “Lionel has been forced to sign the wrong death proof and not to tell the truth until a few days ago. ” And Lionel talked that he once kept Marilyn Moores private dairy for a long time. In this dairy Marilyn Moore wrote all relationships with other relatives. It should be the best proof but has disappeared long time ago.

And the other interesting thing is that Wild Bunch Company will take a film too named as Blonde. And as a golden hair lady Naomi Watts will become the main actress in this film. And this story is from Novel Joyce Carol Oates’s writing. The director Andrew Dominik talked in public, “Why is Marilyn Moores the greatest idol last century? To men she is so sexy and need to be saved in her bad situation. To women she experienced all the unfair. Then I hope I can tell a story that such a beauty was sacrificed by some political reasons.”

Maybe it is a greatest women story. Then a few companies will invest on it. When Marilyn Moores is meeting another one with that short white dress and sexy shoes? Anyway, it will take effects for the best memory to her.

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Aug 26 2014

Are Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment Really Fighting?

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Rumors persist that Miley Cyrus and Emily Osment continue to be fighting with each other, and fans wonder if there’s any real hate there between the two.

When you look at the photos and video of Emily and Miley, almost every one of them show the two smiling and seemingly enjoying being friends.

A lot of the stories about them being mad at each other comes from much of the antics between shoots where they goof around yelling and screaming at each other, pretending they’re always battling it out.

You can find an occasional photo of the supposed divas giving nastly looks at each other, especially Emily towards Miley, for the most part it seems the two just have this funny relationship where they can pretend they’re yelling and mad at each other, but in reality are just having fun. To those watching though, it could look like they hate each other, even though in reality they’re good friends.

It shows how good of friends they are in that they can continue doing this without really eventually getting seriously mad. So lovers of Emily Osment and Miley Cyrus don’t need to fear their ongoing roles on Hannah Montana could stop, as friend Mitchel Musso has recently said the two are always playing around like that together, and it’s all in fun.

About Emily and Miley fighting, Mitchel Musso said this:

“It’s not true. Sometimes they get into little fights, but they are just joking fights. People see it and they think ‘Oh my gosh, they’re fighting.’”

We have to remember the two are actresses, and when Emily and Miley fight between shooting Hanna Montana, they stop acting for the TV show and continue acting for their fellow cast and crew. Let’s face it, all of us goof off so others can see us, it’s the same with Miley and Emily.

When you look at most the video and photos of the two the two hanging out together, they are always laughing and having a good time.

Let’s face it, we all like the idea of a good cat fight, but in this case, we don’t have to worry about choosing between Emily and Miley, they’re both on the same side… best friends forever.

It’s fun and entertaining to talk and think about a possible feud between them, but aren’t mad, hate or really fight with each other, they just do what all of us do – make a lot of noise to be noticed, and then just go back to being normal friends.

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Aug 25 2014

A pioneer leading new trend in the fashion circles: Marc Jacobs

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Abstract: This season famous brand Marc Jacobs launches his latest work. Especially for Marc Jacobs’s handbag, all those design ideas are inspired by combining traditional elements with current fashion trend, this innovation makes a breakthrough past aesthetic standard and leading a new trend.
February, 25st
Marc Jacobs, art director of celebrated luxury brand- Louis Vuitton, has his own Marc Jacobs brand and sub-line brand Marc by Marc Jacobs. Mr. Marc himself is very young and always dressed up exquisitely. Many young flavor elements are flooded his design style. His practice let us know luxury goods community and street trend circle, which seem to oppose each other at present, will become more and more integrated in future. It’s indeed an irreversible fashion trend in our modern life. On the lasted fashion show offered by public renowned figures of all fashion luxury design circles, Marc Jacobs brought out his newest work. As soon as presented, those exclusive designs attract all the people’s eyes and make all his supporters feel breathtaking.
There are several patterns, which launch on modern fancywork, worth paying much attention to them especially. Colorful split joint of MONOGRAM series combine green, red, and purple harmoniously and audaciously and its effect is very excellent. Either junior fans or senior fans must be fond of this model. High heel shoes that coordinate with those series are also colorful split joint. On the bottom and front end of shoes are several bright and white as well as delicate color respectively, which belong to top high quality goods that can attract eyes of passerby at first time. Canvas printing series launch a patter of color at this season, which is too gorgeous to add any color more. This color is seated between peach color and violet color. The design of printing stamp depicts that three members of family are laughing loudly on the sofa in their living room. The design itself has amusing component, this brand also has rare street common people’s favor. Classic colorful LV LOGO series still has white and black style respectively, both of them are more psychedelic than past one. Different from distinct multicolor, it has some effects of ghost image and gradient color, both of which are common fashion trend of famous brand’s handbag.
Generally speaking, this season’s handbag nearly abandons gentlewomen’s style and advocates small rebel spirit, which posses a sense of humor, not evident rebel like PUNK.
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Aug 25 2014

Don’t miss the Playboy Mansion Kandy Halloween Party

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Playboy Bunnies and Ghouls? Rocking Dance Music and Blood-Curdling Screams? That’s exactly what you will get at the Playboy Mansion Kandy Halloween Party, held Saturday, October 24th, at the incredible Playboy Mansion, home of Hugh Hefner.

The Playboy Mansion grounds will be crawling with pneumonic creatures and horrific monsters of every kind. Ghostly gargoyles will glare down at you, haunting music will assault you, and unprecedented lighting effects will chill your spine.

There will be a Haunted House whose darkened corridors beckon wickedly, and as you venture forward, your survival instincts will scream, “Don’t Go In!” But you won’t be able to resist. And you may never emerge– at least– not alive…

The Haunted Forest with its strange, disturbing sounds will envelop you, dark glittering eyes will bore into you, and unseen horrors will descend upon you. You will run for your life. Will you make it?

Get yourself to the Playboy Mansion and the party fast! As you enter, you catch your breath, for suddenly you find yourself surrounded by over 1,000 gorgeous, hand-picked Playboy Bunnies, Playboy Playmates, Kandy Go-Go Girls, Cyber Girls, and unbelievable body painted models-all in the sexiest costumes imaginable. They are there to tease you, to dance with you, to wreak havoc on your senses. They are there to party with you.

And, you will be able to mingle with the host of the party, none other than Hugh Hefner himself! You’ll be rubbing elbows with celebrities! Famous Athletes! And all those beautiful, costumed women!

Costumes are mandatory, so be sure to where something dashing and sexy.

The entertainment is rocking. DJ Mister E will keep you dancing in a frenzy all night. There will be the talented Flo Rida, the lovely Paradiso Girls performing “Paton Tequila”, the unbelievable Kandy Go-Go Dancers and the luscious Cyber Girls.

Hungry? The exquisite buffet is prepared by the famous Playboy Mansion Chefs.

Thirsty? The open bar flows freely throughout the entire party.

This is without a doubt a Halloween Party Not-To-Miss. This party is limited to only 600 lucky guests, and it sells out every year. There are general admission tickets, VIP tickets, and VIP Cabana tickets. For more information or to purchase your Kandy Halloween tickets, call Playboy Mansion Tickets at (949) 709-0306, or toll free at (877) 449-7542, or log on to

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Aug 24 2014

Carlos Irwin Estevez, What’s Wrong with You?

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Charlie, Charlie, Charlie! What in the name of all that’s Hollywood are you doing?

Forty five year old Carlos Irwin Estevez, aka Charlie Sheen, seems to be on a meltdown trajectory or he has already melted down and is now bent on becoming a modern equivalent of Dorothy’s nemesis, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Sheen is one of those entertainers in the mold of George Clooney, Sean Penn, Bill Maher, and too many others who cash in with their celebrity by becoming advocates and spokesmen for various causes as they assume the roles of social and political gurus, always guru-ing on the side of leftism, always guru-ing to compensate for their paucity of substance.

Multimillionaires like Clooney, Penn, and Sheen hardly need the money that Maher craves but what they all have in common, is the same thing that motivated the late billionaire Nelson Rockefeller, something money can’t easily buy-recognition, respect and, especially, power and influence.

Charlie’s causes run the gamut from Lee National Denim Day to Aid for AIDS to the Best in Drag Show to the 9/11 Truth Movement, anything to distract him from the vacuousness of his life for which he also substitutes booze, bimbos, and drugs.

He’s a sad but not unique case in his sphere.

Bounced from his lucrative role in ABC’s “Two and a Half Men” not because he went nutty with whores and illicit substances but because he went beyond the pale and criticized the show producer’s Jewishness, Charlie then literally lost it, it being his career.

It may not be PC to say but the lesson for Charlie Sheen and for any and all other celebs who want to continue to enjoy their perks and salaries is to indulge their bizarre world all they wish and can physically sustain but never, ever cross a Jewish exec.

As Charlie discovered, they don’t ever forget or forgive religious slurs.

Charlie’s now-international “Charlie Sheen LIVE: My Violent Torpedo of Truth”, aka “Charlie Sheen’s: Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” tour won’t be a dud even though rumors are afoot that its 10-18 minute sellouts aren’t really sold out and despite Perez The Swisher Hilton’s view that Sheen “is NUTS,” that it will be improvisational, that it “sounds strange fun [sic],” and Charlie may not even show up.

Perez is certainly familiar with strange, so who knows?

Little of the above really matters much for the purposes of this writing.

What’s wrong with Charlie Sheen goes far beyond his or the public’s perceptions of his issues, or the opinions of Perez Hilton. It goes far beyond his multiple marriages and five offspring, none of whom live with him. It goes far beyond his firing from “Men,” the success or failure of his grand tour, his bizarre behavior, his hookers and porn stars, his inane Twittering.

Poor Charlie may have flipped out because of his liberalism, a socio-political philosophy which by its nature is closely associated with the God is dead negativity of Nietzscheism.

He may be more than a tad insane at this point, the consequence of adhering to Friedrich Nietzsche’s nihilism whether or not Sheen has ever heard of that German philospher’s name and teachings, which has been termed, “liberalism with teeth.”

Toothed or toothless, Sigmund Freud called Nietzsche the thinker who had the greatest insight into the mind of man, the chief problem with that analysis being that neither Freud nor Nietzsche thought very highly of man’s, or woman’s minds.

Obviously, neither does Charlie Sheen.

Modern American liberalism is theoretically committed to social progressivism which essentially envisions a welfare state which, in turn, involves the surrender of individualism and conscience in everything from abortion rights to gay rights to other moral issues, including multiple marriages-and hookers and porn queens. At the same time, liberalism denies and circumscribes the right and privilege of the majority to disagree.

Neither I nor anyone else can get into Charlie Sheen’s head, even if we wanted to venture into that uncharted territory, but it can’t be discounted that Charlie was following his father’s lead in trading his Catholic heritage for fame and notoriety. He may have taken the same stage surname as his father, who had adopted it in honor of the Catholic archbishop and theologian Fulton J. Sheen, but his Catholicity ended there.

Martin Sheen at least managed to maintain a degree of that heritage. Charlie Sheen abandoned it all and the demons he substituted are now, as Perez Hilton indelicately expressed it, are driving him “Nuts.”

There’s a cure available for Charlie and all liberals and it doesn’t necessarily involve their becoming monks. What is a requisite for them is to subjugate their worship of godless liberalism and its inspiration, Nietszche, and to arrive an understanding that humans may technically be animals but that we are thinking animals and most of us neither require nor desire Big Brother governments, causes, or entertainers to guide us to the light.

Since the chances of that happening are nil, best wishes for Charlie and his Violent Torpedo. He needs all the best wishes he can get.

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Aug 23 2014

Download The Last Godfather Movie Online Free

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Haven’t watch The Last Godfather yet? Don’t miss the latest blockbuster hit in the US. Get a full copy of The Last Godfather movie now and see it for yourself!

The Last Godfather Overview

Story centers on a Mafia boss who trains his mentally impaired son as his successor.

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Aug 22 2014

Smart TVs

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Smart TVs offer the web browsing and application capabilities of a smartphone with the spectacular display of a HD television. Currently internet enabled television sales are growing fast. These new televisions are pushing the boundaries of conventional pay-per-view TV and enabling far greater consumption of online video content. Many traditional television and cable networks are scrambling to meet demand for IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) and online pay-per-view content.
We have seen apps such as Angry Birds and Spotify literally blow up in popularity across mobile devices and the same potential is there for Smart TVs. IP-delivered services will become hugely popular via Smart televisions. Ordering shopping, pizzas and paying utility bills using your television will become common place within the next 5 to 10 years.
Families will use TV apps for cooking, gaming, music and anything else they find interesting. Even businesses across the world will use television apps to work together in a variety of ways. Cloud based services for businesses which are accessible from a television could be very beneficial for global business, the potential is enormous.
New Smart TVs
Panasonic has launched a range of Smart TVs called “Smart Viera”, which focus on consumers being able to communicate better using services such as Skype. These new televisions will also offer Facebook access, various apps and games. The new models will come in 2D and 3D. One of the first apps to be released includes a fitness game which comes with Body Media Fit accessory. The accessory acts as a health and food monitor which can be synced with an online account specific to your needs and to help you along as you go.
Samsung have also launched their own versions which allow access to Facebook, Twitter and full web browsing along with 2D and 3D viewing capability. The new Samsung range incorporates what it calls a “Smart Hub” interface to easily navigate and use social networks and other well-known portals. The electronics maker has also designed an easy to use touch screen remote for surfing the net, watching TV and playing games. The “Smart Hub” interface enables viewers to find and download music and movie content. Samsung’s marketing manager, Corrie Labuschagne said “Samsung expect to sell 12 million Smart TVs in 2011 alone”.
The next generation TVs offer benefits to parents because they allow for tighter parental controls to protect children against unsuitable content. Using a wireless router you can set parental controls to restrict access to social networks, adult, illegal content and video sharing sites. You can even only allow access to sites such as Facebook during a certain time of the day and change access controls from anywhere with an internet connection.
Smart TVs are the next big thing in home entertainment they allow for all the same engagement and interaction as a laptop or home computer on a much bigger screen with better picture quality. The adoption of this new technology will certainly mean families and friends will benefit from new entertainment experiences in the comfort of their own homes.

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