Apr 23 2014

Treasure Your Feet with or without the High Shoes

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Many women like to wear high heel shoes to add their physical attractiveness, while at the same time they are still worry about the side-effect of wearing high shoes for scientists keep warning the public of the harms caused by sexy shoes. Perhaps it is a little bit exaggerating, for I am a staunch supporter of high heel fashion shoes and have been a wearer for years. As far as I am concerned, I have not detected any serious injury to my ankles and feet. By contrast, I really find some sneakers can be a real nuisance while we are doing some physical exercise.

I am not the only one to notice this problem. There is a joint research by the JKM Technologies Company in Virginia, the University of Virginia and the University of Colorado, with the aim to find out whether running shoes can give rise to possibility of risks of injuries to runners.

The subjects in the study are healthy young men and women, sixty-eight in total. They are divided into three groups: the first group were asked to run continually without any shoes on their feet; the second group were required to run with their shoes on; the last group firstly were told to run with their shoes then gradually changed to shoeless running. They had to run a minimum of twenty-four kilometers a week. Of course, they did not run in the open air or on the playground. Instead, the runners were observed on a treadmill machine.

While analyzing the running process of the subjects, scientific researchers found there was a big difference in them. For example, the runners in the first group who are asked to run always on shoes usually come down heel first; by contrast, the barefoot runners in the second group usually land on the front and middle part of their feet. In the first group, runners put their force on the back of their feet and in the second group the runners behaved in that way to lessen the force of their landing and avoiding any injury to their heels while striking.

Perhaps it is a little confusing in our introducing of there landing positions. However, the research findings in the end did suggest that running barefoot can do our feet a world of good. Of course, we need to wear shoes while walking on the street, but if possible, we can try to gradually get rid of our shoes while exercising in the gym.

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Apr 23 2014

The Dusky and Husky Bipasha Basu

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Bipasha Basu, the bold and sensual Bong beauty, is undeniably the B town’s poster girl for fitness and fashion. The hottie actress in 2010 had launched her workout DVD ‘Fit and Fabulous’ which was based on her personal workout regime. Even her co-stars can’t stop themselves from praising her fit and well-toned body. While promoting ‘Dum Maaro Dum’, Rana Daggubati was asked about his co-star Bipasha Basu and this is what he had to say, ‘I think she is one of the fittest ladies I have ever seen in my life and working with her is one of the best things that has happened to me. When I met her the first day of shooting, I was new as an actor but she’s been around for so long and yet she did not make me feel out of place. I had a great comfort level working with her.’

Though her recent movies failed to create any magic at the box office, Bipasha’s popularity does not seem to fade away. Recently she was signed on by United Biscuits along with South Indian actress Shriya Saran for endorsing its flagship brand McVitie’s in India. This is what United Biscuits India president Jayant Kapre had to say”We feel privileged to have iconic celebrities like Bipasha, and Shriya representing the McVitie’s brand as both share an immense passion for a healthy lifestyle, and embody great values that are a great fit with the brand. Both the celebs have mass appeal and we are confident that this will further strengthen the brand’s image and will help us to reach out to more consumers.

This Bong bombshell will be soon seen romancing Josh Hartnett in a Hollywood period film called ‘Singularity’. The actress has got a plump role in the movie and claims that it was her husky voice that impressed the filmmaker Rolan Joffe. Bipasha Basu plays the Maratha warrior Tulaja Naik in the epic drama. Hartnett plays James Stewart, a British officer in 1780s India who falls for Tulaja Naik.

Now this one is for the uninitiated ones, Singularity went on floors in October 2010, but it was earlier in works during the 90s and was supposed to star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi and Brendan Fraser.

Of late, the Bipasha is gaining notoriety for being linked to her co-stars. First she was linked with her Dum Maaro Dum co-star Rana Dagubatti. Now there’s a buzz about her fling with Hartnett. Though sources near to Hartnett claim that the actor has been in a very public relationship with Sophia Lie, a Norwegian model since April 2010.

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Apr 23 2014

1974 A.D. The greatest rock band from Nepal

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1974 A.D. is one of the most popular rock bands in Nepal. The band was formed in Kathmandu in the early 1994. They make music on a wide range of musical genres like Nepali folk, Ragas, Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz as well. The musical albums by 1974 A.D. are ranked one of the bests by Hits FM Nepal. The band is also well known for its good quality Nepali Music Videos.

The lineup of the band comprises of Adrian Pradhan, Manoj K.C., Nirakar Yakthumba and Sanjay Shrestha. Adrian is originally from Kalimpong and in 1994, he played with for a very short time. Later on, he became a permanent member of the band in 1998. He is the lead vocalist, he plays harp and drums,

Manoj K.C. is the lead guitarist for the band and sometimes also helps on keyboards. His musical interests comprise Western Classical blues, funk, electronic and jazz to eastern classical music as well. Manoj has performed with accomplished musicians from around the world.

Nirakar Yakthumba the basist immensely influenced by world renowned guitarists like James Jamerson (Motown Records), Francisco Rocco Persia (Tower Of Power) etc. “The key factor behind any rock, funk, jazz, or style band is a tight rhythm section on top of which soloist can ride their flights of fancy.”, says Nirakar Yakthumba.

Another member Sanjay Shrestha was first with the band Shristi and had already recorded three albums with it. Sanjay toured America twice with Shristi before joining 1974AD. Sanjay has been with 1974AD band since 1999. Sanjay has recorded 3 albums and toured America, United Kingdom, Asia, India, Qatar, Australia, Germany and Belgium.

The band has recently not released any new albums and the members are separately engaged in their own lines of music. Some of have also come up with their own albums.

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Apr 22 2014

Find Something both Funny and Annoying

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Yesterday 5 year old nephew went back home with upset expression. When I asked him what happened to him and he didn’t want to tell me exactly what the problem was and even refused to have dinner. I have to say it is really difficult to figure out what the kids are thinking about nowadays. At last, I had no chance and had to call my elder sister-in-law and asked her about this situation. Unfortunately his mother didn’t know what happened either. Finally I had to call his teacher.

My nephew is actually a very cute and open-minded boy who often plays very well with other kids in the kindergarten. His behavior yesterday was really uncommon. From his teacher’s words, I finally know what happened. It is because of a girl in his class who speaks something about his clothes and laughed at him, so he got really depressed. I got a little confused and wondered why that girl would laugh at my nephew cause his clothes? We often buy new clothes for him and all clothes are in brand. He is the only kid in our whole family and we all treat him like a treasure. How can that girl laugh at his clothes?

When I finally understood what exactly happened to my nephew, I really didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. My nephew just told me that he was not that upset about the girl laughing at his clothes, just after that girl’s words, he really wanted to be a girl and wanted to wear beautiful dresses, skirts and other accessories which are loved by girls. Oh, my God, my little nephew got this problem about his ex. just can’t believe it.

After he told me everything, he even begged me to buy him a dress. My cute nephew Saied that girl often wears those beautiful Lolita skirts, Lolita dresses and even Lolita shoes. To be honest, I don’t even know what Lolita is in details’ only know it is a movie and don’t think this word can be related with clothes.

Without any choice, I started to search on the internet about what Lolita dresses are. Well, the Lolita outfits are really so beautiful and fantastic. The children nowadays are so happy that they can wear so terrific clothes. Thinking of our age, it is so pathetic. Just take a look at the picture I get from one website.

Knowing what Lolita fashion is, I started to teach my nephew how to face this question in a right way, but unfortunately, he even didn’t want to listen too much. All he wanted is a Lolita dress. Oh, my dear God. Someone helped me out.

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Apr 21 2014

Flourishing Movie Career of Konkona Sen Sharma

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Konkona Sen Sharma is one of the finest actresses in Indian film industry and has enacted different kinds of roles in the movie industry. While referring to Konkona Sen Sharma, one should remember that she is not the traditional Hindi film actress who has only bagged some films to her name. She is the recipient of National Award, who has proved her talent in both art and commercial films. Her captivating performances have helped her to become one of the best known actresses of art films.

Daughter of Mukul Sharma, a writer and media person and Aparna Sen, a popular actress and film director, Konkona Sen Sharma debuted through the film Indira, as a child artist. In 2000, she appeared in a Bengali suspense film named Ek Je Aachhe Kanya, her first film.

Konkona Sen Sharma got national recognition through the film Mr and Mrs Iyer, in which she performed as a Tamilian mother. The role of a journalist in the movie Page 3 was praised by the viewers. After Page 3, she worked in many movies and has also got appreciation on her acting talent. For her convincing acting in Omkara and Life In A Metro, she received Filmfare Best Supporting Actress for 2 successive years.

Showcasing her skill in handling various roles, Konkona plays the role of a mentally ill lady in the 2005 film 15 Park Avenue, where as she plays the role of a prostitute in the movie, Traffic Signal. In mainstream films category, she acted in 2 movies by Yash Raj banner. Naamkoron was her short film, which has the duration of 18 minutes. The Kala Ghoda Film Festival screened her short film.

Mira Nair’s short film titled 8, For How Can It Be?, saw Konkona Sen Sharma performing a character. She can be watched in the Hollywood film, The President Is Coming. She got good comments for her main role opposite to Farhan Akhtar in the movie Luck By Chance. She experimented with comedy genre and appeared in Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge and Wake Up Sid.

For the first time she appeared in a drama called The Blue Mug, which also had Vinay Pathak, Sheeba Chadha, Rajat Kapoor and Ranvir Shorey. She was the host of the show, My Brilliant Brain, aired on the National Geographic Channel. The viewers can expect more of Konkona Sen Sharma’s brilliant enactment in her upcoming films Sunglasses, Jackpot and Mirch.

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, domestic violence is a serious, preventable public health problem affecting more than 32 million Americans, or more than 10% of the U.S. population and only a third of cases are actually reported. Since celebrities are also humans – although some fans and stars believe that they are gods and goddesses – some of them are amongst the 32 millions victims.

Ike and Tina Turner were one of the greatest duos of the 60s and 70s; and since they were a “married”, they must have looked the perfect fairy tale couple. But things weren’t as they seemed. They were rumors of Ike abusing Tina and that he had a drug problem. Tina finally left Ike in 1976 after 16 years of marriage. In 1986, she wrote a biography title I, Tina which she talked about her life, Ike’s abuse towards her and his drug addiction. The book was adapted into a movie What’s Love Got To Do With It? which was released in 1993, the same year Ike was released from prison after serving four years on drug and weapon charges. Ike denied the abuse allegations. saying that he only hit Tina a few times and that Tina often hit back. – So it was kick boxing and Ike always won. – In 2001, Ike published his autobiography Takin’ Back My Name in which he admitted that he “slapped Tina…there have been times I have punched her for no reason” Because of the huge negative image the book and the movie gave him, Ike had troubles rekindling his career; but he managed to win a Grammy in 2007. He passed away that same year, from a cocaine overdose. – Proof that drug really can kill.

Unlike Ike and Tina Turner, Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston were married for sure, didn’t perform together, were both successful solo singers, and were both addicted to drugs. In other words, they’ll get high together. – I know, how romantic! – On January 11th 2000, security at the Hawaiian airport found marijuana in their luggage. They were a lot of rumors of Bobby beating Whitney. In 2003, Bobby was arrested for hitting Whitney, but, as usual, she took him back. Whitney went to rehab in 2006 and on April 24th 2007, she divorced Bobby after 14 years of marriage and got the custody of their daughter Bobbi Kristina Houston-Brown. Now something which I find kind of funny: Whitney was offered the role of Tina Turner in What’s Love Got To Do With It? but had to decline due to marternity. I wonder if playing Tina would have been an earlier wake up call. Everyone knows that Bobby always had a drug problem while Whitney always had a clean good girl image thru out her career. That makes it easy to assume that Bobby was the one who introduced her to drugs. In 2008, Bobby wrote an autobiography titled “Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But” which was scheduled to hit the shelf on May 2008. In the book, he says that he was only into cocaine and Whitney was the one who introduced him to other drugs. He didn’t confirmed whether or not she was bisexual and admitted that he wasn’t faithful to her. He also said: “Whitney and I had our arguments and fights just like everyone else. It was no Ike and Tina type of fights, but that’s what the media made the public believe.” In April, Whitney made him sign a confidentiality agreement in which he promised not to write anything about her. “Bobby Brown: The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But The Truth” was still published on December 2008 by Derek Handspike as an “unauthorized” biography of Bobby Brown. Maybe it will be adapted to a movie and become as successful as What’s Love Got To Do With It?

The latest one is totally different. It’s the twenty first century, they are both young, have clean images, weren’t married and reportedly never used drugs. On February 08th, Chris Brown was accused of beating and threatening a woman who was later identified as being his girlfriend Rihanna. – Everybody already suspected that. – Rihanna was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center hospital where it was reported that she beard visible bruises and that her face was bleeding. Chris gave himself up to the police later that day; he was released from jail after paying a $50,000 bail. There are reports that the couple where spotted arguing. The reason is still unknown but many say that Rihanna got angry after reading a message from a woman to Chris. According to People, they got back together and after spending some time at Diddy’s Miami Beach’s Star Island. And that’s not all! They will record a love duet together. Unbelievable. – I think that’s called Love, or is it Stupidity, maybe Blindness. Yet again, what’s the difference. – Whitney Houston and Oprah Winfrey advised her not to take him back. Tina Turner is rumored to be planning to meet her to try and change her mind. Since books and autobiography seem to be the best way to get back at abusing spouses and that the pen is mightier than the fist, we should be on the look out for autobiographies where they will be trashing each other, in the years to come.

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The Top 10 Most Famous Men with the First Name of Chris or Christopher

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For the past year I’ve been compiling famous names to list on my name numerology website. These are all noted individuals, but who are the most famous? Today let’s count down the most famous men named Chris and Christopher.

The most famous people (based on online chatter) with the first name Chris or Christopher are:

10. Christopher Reeve – Actor and Quadriplegic Activist (Superman, The Remains of the Day, Somewhere in Time)

9. Chris Pine – Actor (Star Trek, Just My Luck, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement)

8. Chris Tucker – Actor (Rush Hour, The Fifth Element, Money Talks)

7. Chris Isaak – Musician (Mr. Lucky, Always Got Tonight, Heart Shaped World)

6. Chris Matthews – News Anchor and Political Commentator (Hardball with Chris Matthews)

5. Christopher Lee – Actor (The Lord of the Rings series, The Man with the Golden Gun, Star Wars series)

4. Chris Weitz – Film Director (The Twilight Saga: New Moon, The Golden Compass, American Pie)

3. Christopher Walken – Actor (The Deer Hunter, Catch Me if You Can, Pulp Fiction)

2. Christopher Columbus – Navigator and Explorer who landed in the Americas in 1492

…and the most famous man named Chris or Christopher is…

1. Chris Rock – Actor and Comedian (Chris Rock: Kill The Messenger, Madagascar, I Think I Love My Wife)

Not making the top 10 were Chris Columbus – Film Director (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I Love You Beth Cooper, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief); Chris Cooper – Actor (Adaptation, American Beauty, Seabiscuit); Chris Elliott – Actor and Writer (Late Night With David Letterman, Cabin Boy, Get A Life!); Chris Farley – Actor (Saturday Night Live, Tommy Boy, Black Sheep); Chris Hardwick – TV Host and Actor (Web Soup, Singled Out, Wired Science); Chris Hoy – Olympic Games Gold Medal Winner in Track Cycling; Chris Kattan – Actor (Saturday Night Live, A Night at the Roxbury, Corky Romano); Chris Wallace – News Anchor (Fox News Sunday, Meet the Press); Chris Ware – Comic Book Artist and Illustrator (Acme Novelty Library, Jimmy Corrigan the Smartest Kid on Earth); Christopher Buckley – Author (Thank You for Smoking, Florence of Arabia, Supreme Courtship); Christopher Cuomo – News Anchor (Good Morning America); Christopher Guest – Actor, Director and Writer (This Is Spinal Tap, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show); Christopher Moltisanti – Character on the TV Series The Sopranos; Christopher Moore – Author (Fool, Lamb, Fluke).

A pretty good mix of occupations for the top ten Chris or Christophers with one explorer (Christopher Columbus), one director (Chris Weitz), one news anchor (Chris Matthews), one musician (Chris Isaak), and six actors (Chris Rock, Christopher Walken, Christopher Lee, Chris Tucker, Chris Pine, Christopher Reeve).

I compiled this list by searching for each of the Chris and Christophers on a number of search engines and ranking them by the number of web pages, discussion forums, photos, videos, etc that are available online.

Get complete numerology for the names Chris and Christopher at http://www.NameNum.com.

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FASHION:voluminous, smooth ,shiny hair choose for yourself

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to discribe dream hair there are 3 words that define it .every girl wants hair like celebrities have . they want to be the most prettiest girl on the planet earth and the most standout thing in ones personality is no dought the hair. now it is upto you which type you want .many girls do a lot of things to get the boost and shine in their hair but doing the right thing is important these three words voluminous, shiny and smooth are your choise .
for voluminous hair maestro Oribe’s motto “Bigger is better.” For sexy, “modern” volume, follow his supermodel-tested-and-approved prescription.after applying a volumizing spraty blow dary it using a round brush upwards. while your hair is warm enough put on rollers to give them the volume you need in your hair.
when you remove the rollers tease around the roots for the height and then comb with your fingers . For added oomph, use a clarifying shampoo once a week .
then for smooth fizz free hair strands ,stylist Michelle Snyder suggests to apply a pearl amount of supershine moisturaizing cram into towel dried hair before blowdrying with a big round brush giving it the smoothness that you need . only point your dryer downwards to make syre that you dont bring back the fizz.
soften ends with a miosturizing oil and end with an anti humidity hairspray small tip for a rushy hairdo, make a bun by combing damp hair and lat it air dry itself . for a static free texture.
shinny hair can never be out of fashion .celebrity stylist Amanda Williams recommends starting with a vitamin- and protein-rich shampoo and conditioner to get the most shiny hair with a lot of gloss.
after towel drying apply the leave in conditioner .then blowdry with the nozel downwards . finish with a blast of cold air and a glossy mist . that gives you a celenrity like hair shine that you want .

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Apr 19 2014

Blood and fuel power Gosling debut at Cannes festival

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Hollywood dear Ryan Gosling gets spattered within blood and fuel in Danish film noir make, delighting Cannes critics who whooped on the film’s odd mix together of Hollywood dazzle in addition to unsmiling Nordic humour.The Canadian performer, known intended for his roles in ,The note pad, in addition to ,Lars in addition to the actual Girl,’ plays a high-powered stunt car driver who waterfall within love with a neighbour as well as gets embroiled within a gory killing fest to keep her on or after mafia tormentors.Almost entirely noiseless throughout the movie, Gosling never varies during his devotion to his love concentration — played by British actress Carey Mulligan — or loses his self-confidence when racing down Los Angeles freeways to a pumping 1980s synth-pop do.
Highly stylised and peppered with blasphemy, ‘Drive’ rolls out scene upon prospect of comic gore, prompting an viewers to laugh in addition to clap as Gosling’s temperament stomps a villain’s cranium to a messy pulp within an elevator seconds after a ardent kiss with Mulligan within the same limited space.The result is a peculiar concoction, with eerie aspects suggestive of David Lynch’s ‘Mulholland coerce,’ moments that evoke Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp invented story’and angst-laden love scenes that would not be not at home of place during a Scandinavian production.’The movie is in relation to a man who drives in the region of Los Angeles at night listening to pop melody,” Gosling told a press discussion. ‘We also got the idea to the driver shouldn’t exist talking.’
Danish executive Nicolas snaky Refn, 40, known for genre cinema like the crime trilogy ‘dealer,’ thought inspiration came on or after literature — a 2005 book of the identical name by James Sallis — melody, and the scenery of Los Angeles at hours of darkness.
No love intended for member dan bon trier
Refn, who emigrated toward the United States from Denmark within 1981, showed modest sympathy for his fellow citizen Lars Von Trier, who was debarred from the carnival on Thursday behind jokingly saying so as to he sympathised through Hitler.
‘I think what Lars alleged was very unacceptable with I will not comment on his film since I haven’t seen it,’ Refn held.The throwing out of Von Trier, whose movie ‘Melancholia’ is still in antagonism and could in principle win the Palme d’Or prize for most excellent movie, cast a silhouette over the fiesta, which is frequently a haven for art-house films and provoking directors.Inside interviews since his throwing out, Von Trier explained the thoughtlessness he displayed all through his rambling monologue regarding Jews and Nazis was a outcome of being Danish. Refn echoed Von Trier’s position to blunt Danish society.’It just shows that within Denmark we have a very small state of mind and sometimes forget to there are other people in the region of us,’ he said, earlier than responding to another the media question with a garbled ‘What is it through the Danes?’
Refn’s film garnered some passionate early reviews on or after critics at Cannes, by way of Xan Brooks at Britain’s Guardian broadsheet giving it four out of five stars by way of the caveat with the intention of it “can’t win, won’t prevail’the festival’s peak prize.

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Apr 18 2014

Know The Tricks To Be On London Nightclubs Guest List

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Would you like to enjoy this weekend with your boyfriend? Hey! What about a night out in this weekend? You can also go out with your friends if you want to enjoy your night. Are you feeling excited?

London is a famous tourist destination. Apart from the places of visit in the city, there are many other things that might interest a tourist. One such thing is the nightlife in London. Have you ever visited London? Did you experience the night life out there? It’s simply amazing! If you haven’t experienced the night life out there, you have really missed out something important in your life.

So, are you planning to hit the London nightlife scene on this weekend and plan to be on London guest list for nightclubs? Make sure to have a safe night. However, having a safe night doesn’t mean you cannot have a good night. It just means that while enjoying the night out in the pubs and night clubs, you should be able to take care of yourself.

Don’t injure yourself somehow and ultimately land up in the hospital at that night. Make sure to fill your stomach before leaving out for the night party. It is quite obvious that you will drink alcohol to enjoy your life to the fullest. So, it is important to eat for it would reduce negative effects of the alcohol. However, make it sure you don’t drink heavily.

You should drink plenty water all through the evening. Don’t you want to know the reason behind it? This will keep the body very well hydrated. It would also be better if you drink 1 glass of water before going to bed. You might have a nasty hangover if dehydration is caused.

Try taking break. Don’t always take a glass of alcohol. Sometimes go for glasses of soft drinks also. By having a glass of soft drink on your hand, you can too have a good night out in London. By drinking excessive alcohol, you might increase your blood pressure which can be dangerous for your health. So, take care of your health. Always try being with your friends.

Are you presently on medication? If so, you should always take the advice of the doctor regarding the fact whether it will be safe for you to drink alcohol during that particular treatment. However, after drinking, you should give your body 48 hours break.

Be in London guest list and enjoy the nightlife of London with your friends doesn’t mean you can do whatever you feel like. It is important for you to stay safe. Isn’t it? You should always watch the drink given to you. Never swap or share drinks with anybody. Don’t ever leave the drink unattended. You should never accept drinks from the people whom you are not aware of. Always try keeping the glass of drink with you. If you’re drinking out of bottle, keep the thumb at the top when you are not drinking. However, after taking the drink if you still feel odd, stop drinking.

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If you are planning to be on the London nightclubs guest list and have fun then we have a perfect solution for you! Be Our Guests is an organization that allows you to enjoy some of London’s most exclusive night clubs and bars that are for members only. Check them out at beourguests.co.uk/.