Nov 23 2014

Best Solar Battery Charger

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solar panel baterry charging technique Writing reviews is something I enjoy doing, and this time I have taken the time to check out the field of solar energy chargers. I am a immense fan of the renewable energy idea, but like most families, my relatives is heavily dependant on the conventional energy sources. When I started looking, my thoughts were, I would feel a lot better if they gave less money to the power company, simultaneously supporting this free, renewable power idea in my own residence. Even if it is for the solar powered charging of our laptops, and the other small appliances. At first, I was one time under the impression that I ought to think about the charging kit that best suited my budget.

Millions of people use mobile devices so charging them with solar energy is a welcome development.

One of the latest products to hit the market is SoliCharger, by SolLight, a lightweight Lithium-polymer solar-charger/battery combo that can be slipped on any iPhone 3G or 3Gs it also works on iPhone three. It can provide power for several hours to an iPhone or iPod, with no need for cords or adapters.

Besides harnessing solar energy to mobile devices it takes two hours of sunshine to give it a good boostor 24 hours to fully charge it on solar energy, SoliCharger can be plugged in to an iPhone charging chord.
The product is also adaptable to other makes and can be used to charge several types of small digital cameras, GPS units and other MP3 players. Fundamentally, anything that requires a 5v charging source from USB.

Solicharger is an addition to a growing market of solar chargers for mobile devices. Earlier this year, the Novothink Solar Surge received warm reviews when it was launched. It can provide 30 minutes of talk time on a 3G network with hours of direct solar exposure, or 60 minutes on a 2G network. It also features a USB connection to give users more options.

Also, if using batteries that can be recharged with a solar battery charger, a person can cease wasting his or her money on the acquisition of new batteries.

Solar battery chargers are better for the environment in a few ways. For, with them, batteries can be recharged, therefore no longer contributing to growing landfills. Also, batteries have potentially harmful metals inside them they do not require to be basically throwing them out in to landfills!

The batteries of cell rings, PDAs, laptops, mp3 players, & more can be charged by solar battery chargers. This means that you do not must depend on electricity to charge these devices. This is lovely because most electricity is created by non-sustainable, polluting methods.

Solar battery chargers are also lovely because they permit the users to charge devices, even when no power outlets are around. This makes them useful when working out in the field, travelling, hiking, and/or in the coursework of an emergency.

It does not matter in the event you use a 12 volt solar battery charger, a solar automobile battery charger, or any other type of charger the use of any solar battery charger is going to help alleviate waste. By supporting & using solar battery chargers & other sustainable expertise, you can help make a difference in today’s world.

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A solar cell or photovoltaic cell is a device that converts solar energy into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. Photovoltaics is the field of technology and research related to the application of solar cells as solar battery charger. Sometimes the term solar cell is reserved for devices intended specifically to capture energy from sunlight, while the term photovoltaic cell is used when the source is unspecified. Assemblies of cells are used to make solar modules, which may in turn be linked in photovoltaic arrays.

Nov 22 2014

Actress Amanda Bynes Retires at the Age of 24

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It came as a shock to many this morning to read the news on actress Amanda Bynes. She made an announcement this morning telling the world the she is ready to retire from Hollywood at the young age of 24.

According to her twitter account “Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem” and she expresses her disgust with the industry. She wrote “If I don’t love something anymore, I stop doing it, I don’t love acting anymore, so I’ve stopped doing it.”

Amanda is a former Nickelodeon star working on shows as “All That”, “The Amanda Show” and ever her own sitcom “What I like About you”. From TV she went on to movies and appeared in the films “She’s the Man and “What a Girl Wants”. Her latest film “Easy A” will hit the theaters this fall.

Not only did she complain about the industry but also about her roles saying “I’ve never written the movies & tv shows I’ve been a part of. I’ve only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play.”

It’s a bit strange seeing such a young promising actress retire from Hollywood but as she told the world through her Twitter account: “”I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve #retired.”

She will surely be missed from Hollywood and all we can hope is that this act will not be something other young actors will follow.

Amanda Laura Bynes was born on April 3, 1986, in Thousand Oaks, California. The youngest of three children, she became interested in acting and performing from the age of three, when she would say her older sister Jillian’s lines with her while she performed in plays. It was from then on that her family and friends knew that she would be a star someday.

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Samantha is a big fan of Hollywood, following the daily gossip of Hollywood stars hoping to meet some of then sometimes in not to distant future. She is also an active camper and loves going with with friends or family in her 10 person tent to quiet locations. You can learn more about camping on her best family tents website.

Nov 21 2014

Football star, Steven Gerrard, hires out Limo-Scene’s pink Hummer for his daughter

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Celebrity footballer Stephen Gerrard last month hired out Manchester based Limo-Scene’s 16 seater pink hummer limo.

The Liverpool FC player and his wife, fashion journalist Alex Curran, hired the vehicle for their daughter’s birthday. They celebrated with an hour’s ride in the limousine.

Limo-Scene’s Hot Pink Hummer limo, with its music system, disco light floor, balloons, soft drinks and the latest lighting technology, is an incredibly fun vehicle to travel in.

Pink Hummers are perfect for children’s hummer parties. There is a selection of limo events available for children including special “H Factor” children parties, Sweet Sixteen parties, Pink Princess parties and Pink & Bling Nail parties.

Children have incredible fun when they are singing on the karaoke, pretending they are on the X factor style stage.

Or, for a unique limo experience, the Pink & Bling Nail Party is incomparable.
A trained nail technician arrives to paint the children’s nails and applies glitter or artwork.

The nail technician only required a flat surface to work on – which will be covered.

The limo hire Manchester vehicle includes a disco floor, neon lighting, lasers, music system, DVD screens, the latest lighting technology and a karaoke system. All these features contribute to a fantastic H Factor party for your child.

The memories of their birthday limo party will last for years to come.

Balloons, soft drinks and party bags make this an amazing party.

Jackie Jolliffe, of Limo-Scene & Wedding Cars, said: “You can capture those precious memorable moments of your special little person’s birthday and keep them forever, to remind you of the fun you all had on that special day.”

The Pink Hummer Limousine is fully licensed with a COIF (Certificate of Initial Fitness).

Limo-Scene’s Limos and wedding cars are available for hire anywhere in the North West including limo hire Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool.

For more information visit

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Limo-Scene provides limo hire and wedding car hire throughout the North West – including Manchester and Liverpool.

Nov 20 2014


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dressing up properly is as important for men as for women . dressing in style and colour is pretty necessary to establish our personality. it gives others the vibe about ourselves.In case of spring/ summer collections, mostly men use muted tones on tones, not many embellishments are preferred but there could be some particularly lovely individual ensembles and some aesthetically attractive pairings . who would not like to be the center of attraction in any crowd.some parties have proper themes for clothes.
For example in most discotheques and pubs across the urban village guys are not allowed to enter without shoes. You cannot wear your sandals or slippers and walk inside the pubs unless you are the owner of the club.Irrespective of whether you are hosting the party or you are attending a party, you need to be aware of the latest party trends and dress code for the occasion.The feel in texture and the artistic cut of the trousers is especially charming but the matching of the shoe and the trouser is what makes the difference.The retro check is particularly eye- catching.
the dress code of white tie party is worn after 6 in the evening of after dark in need to wear waist length coat or jacket with two tails in its back, white wing collar, white cotton bow tie, wool or silk stripped pants, silk socks, white shirt with a tux front and opera over coat along with leather shoes.
on the other hand the dress code of black tie party usually used in prom nights, weddings, reception functions etc. Men dress up with suits .In office parties, men should wear black or gray tuxedos with matching ties. For a semi-formal occasion they can wear black or white tail coat and dinner jacket.Cocktail Party: The above mentioned parties are quite formal. Cocktail parties do not impose such formalities. Men can wear any colored suit with our without tie for cocktail parties.The perfect choice when trying to avoid the formal look of a dressy a pair of flip flops every spring and I get lots of use out of them. They look great with your favorite pair of jeans and can be worn into the evening on those warm summer nights.

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Nov 20 2014

10 Most Famous Hollywood Party Girls

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Even though Hollywood’s Party girls seem to have taken a vacation recently, some say because the economic mess making Americans less likely to think their over-indulgence entertaining anymore, they are still active.

Here is the Top 10.

1. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton can easily be the queen of the Hollywood party scene but even she doesn’t seem to like the headlines anymore.

Ever since her disastrous and humiliating stay in the Los Angles County jail Paris has maintained not only a low profile but is actually cleaning up her image.

She has moved in with her steady boyfriend and spends a great deal of her time working on selling her cosmetics and clothing, and then she is in partying. Maybe Paris has hung up her spurs, maybe not.

There have been reports of her disturbing neighbors with loud parties. The best indicator might be seeing how she does once the economy lifts.

2. Britney Spears

Britney Spears who got caught up in a very public emotional meltdown just a couple of years ago, in and out of rehab and shaving her head; she was trailed by paparazzi constantly and even married one of the photographers who was trailing her.

Spears also seemed to fade from view as a Hollywood party animal. Britney is not healthy, and on a concert tour, albeit under a tight regime after she was carried away from her home, strapped on a stretcher and admitted to a hospital.

Even when it seemed that Britney would go forever as the party girl of the century, she seems to have left the circuit.

3. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie has to be mentioned along side her partner in partying crime Paris.

First climbing toward both popularity and notoriety on the hit show “The Simple Life” that she co-starred in with Paris, Nicole, daughter to legendary singer Lionel Richie, became famous for her foul language on screen and wild behavior off screen.

Now the mother of two children, Nicole started toning down her act before Paris did.

Arrested several times for DWI and resisting arrest, and recently caught doing another sex video, Nicole was on her way to a bad slide before friends and family intervened.

4. Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan, arrested in 2007, actually faced jail time has now started therapy and has stopped drinking.

She did live up to her reputation as a hard partying girl with the debut of her new collection for Parisian fashion house Emanuel Ungaro, by showing super short pink dresses and blazers to be worn over bare skin.

The show, held in Paris’ famed Louvre museum was abuzz when she showed up in a white mini dress and red stiletto heels. It appears that Lindsay still hasn’t matured like the rest of the girls and flashing her panties in Cannes recently seems to bear that out.

5. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was once known as America’s “good girl” has a perfect image in the 80′s and 90′s and then her behavior changed. She started showing up late for interviews and photo shoots and even started canceling concerts and talk show appearances.

Because of her missed performances and rapid weight loss, speculation about drug use and problems with her husband singer Bobby Brown began to circulate.

Then on January 11, 2000 she was found to have marijuana in her luggage at the airport but boarded her plane with Brown before authorities could arrive. Houston, having been through rehab, seems to have settled down well.

6. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore has been one of Hollywood’s naughty beauties for many years, specializing in scandalizing the public with her antics.

Drew, who comes from a famous Hollywood family with it’s own share of past scandal, came to fame when she was seven years old with her portrayal of Gertie on “ET” and reportedly took her first drink at nine, her first marijuana at 10, cocaine at 12 and rehab at 15.

Many of her movies, “Poison Ivy”, “Gun crazy”, “Bad girls”, didn’t help her image, and neither did posing for Playboy or flashing her breasts on the David Letterman Show.

Her last antics were the breast baring make out sessions with Heather Graham.

7. Heather Graham

Heather Graham keeps a long list of men in her life and some women also if the lip-locking adventures with Drew are any indication. Heather has had numerous sex shots and videos taken that appear all over the internet.

Her list of different boyfriends includes Russell Crowe, Heath Ledger, Ed Burns, Pete Yorn, and James Woods.

Heather came from a family that did everything it could to prevent their daughter from going to Hollywood. Bitten by the acting bug early and her career blossomed while her personal life seemed to go in every direction but the right one.

8. Tara Reid

Tara Reid is being called the Queen of the Botched plastic surgeries by the Hollywood press after a bad liposuction procedure a few years ago. That hasn’t stopped the hard partying “American Pie” star however.

Tara was photographed recently in Miami hosting one of her famous $5 parties with free booze.

By the looks of the photos she got a little free coke out to the deal also. Tara’s antics aren’t slowing any as she gets older. She even appears on LA beaches in a string bikini, flashing her belly scares for the entire world to see.

One reporter, seeing the photos of her on the beach said that a night with Tara might not be worth the price of a warm can of Milwaukee’s Best.

9. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie may be out to save the world single handedly during the day but she is still a dark force at night.

In 1996 she scrawled the name of her then husband Jonny Lee Miller on her white shirt in blood.

Four years later, at the Oscars she declared loudly “I am so in love with my brother right now”, and followed it up with a very long kiss.

Her vials of blood around the neck with then husband Billy Bob Thornton and her tiger back tattoo are hard reputations to live down. Maybe people would believe if she adopted another 10 kids.

10. Madonna

Madonna, the original “material girl” defines scandal. Taking the stage at a tender age, Madonna has virtually owned the tabloids for nearly 30 years, and shows no sign of slowing down.

She has been arrested for possession, public nudity, assault and a variety of other charges and on top of this, seems upset that her recent petition to adopt was turned down basically because of her non-mom like history.

Her shows, her movies, her personal life have been a virtual media circus since the day that she stepped on stage. If getting older is supposed to slow you down, someone forgot to tell the Material Girl

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Download Certified Copy Movie Online Free

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Haven’t watch Certified Copy yet? Don’t miss the latest blockbuster hit in the US. Get a full copy of Certified Copy movie now and see it for yourself!

Certified Copy Overview

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Identify the Movie file to download and get access to it with amazingly fast download speed. You don’t have to wait long.

Enjoy this legitimate movie streaming source and watch your most wanted movies now. The fast and legitimate way to watching your most favorite movies is all here. Why wait? Hurry and Get access to Movie – Certified Copy now!

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Nov 18 2014

Watch CSI: New York season 7 episode 17 Do or Die

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Once a popular student and star student at an elite Manhattan private school is murdered, the SCRS are plunged into the competitive world of over-privileged youth.

CSI: NY (Crime Scene Investigation: New York) is the procedure of police drama television series that debuted on September 22, 2004. This is a series of indirect branch a mother and veteran of blockbuster CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and directly from CSI Miami. Watch CSI NY Season 7 Episode 17, which broke out in the intrigues, scandals, controversies, blood and gore.

The show follows the investigations by a team of scientists NYPD and court officers, New York, more beautiful than their probe through all the circumstances of mysterious deaths and unusual crimes and themselves. Watch CSI NY: Season 7 Episode 17: Do or Die, and see how New York City forensic team and police, led by tea tough guy Marine Major. Mac Taylor and his most recent partner Jo Danville and their teams to probe into cases that are similar to their counterparts in Las Vegas and Miami.

Well, here’s what you missed terribly last week at CSI NY, because, as a woman who has contacted Mac, however, information about a possible murder, will eventually die even before reaching your Mac be. Mac was left with more questions and solve two murders. Watch CSI NY: Season 7 Episode 17: “Do or Die because it will be released March 11, 2011, and that the team has to understand why a young woman was murdered and if he knew some videos ill be on walls in Bradford Academy.

CSI: NY is a police procedure for an American television series, which premiered at the September 22, 2004. A series of second arm of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and was introduced during the CSI: Miami, Horatio Caine, he went to New York to try to murder suspect fled to Miami. It ‘much more bloody version of Miami, and described a blue light lasts up to Season 2, when CBS President Les Moonves wanted to show seem “less cold”.

The team must discover why a young woman was killed and if she knew some videos made at Bradford Academy villain.

Episode Synopsis: CSI: NY “Do or Die” Season 7 Episode 17 – When a student union and star student at a school for elite private Manhattan is killed, the CSIS are immersed in the highly competitive world of the most disadvantaged youth, on “CSI: NY,” Friday, March 11 (9:00 to 22:00, ET / PT) on CBS.

Once a popular student and a student at the elite Manhattan private school is murdered, the CSIs are embedded in a highly competitive world of young people are more privileged.


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Nov 18 2014

What Is the Right Diet For Young Preteen Models?

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Well, what is the right diet for young preteen models? Modeling is a glamour profession in which excellent physical health is very much a requirement to maintain a good stand in the profession. Proper diet is mandatory for the well-being and glamour looks of the model. This is more important in the case of young preteen models. Glamour modeling is the arena where the physical excellence of young models is very much a matter. In order to maintain a graceful and structured stature and physique, a balanced diet and proper physical exercise are very much required. It is always advisable to be under the constant consultation of a qualified and experienced dietician so that a proper and nutritionally balanced diet can be maintained.

Though it is necessary to be under the diet prescription of a qualified and experienced dietician, young preteen models can have their own selection of health-giving food and rejection of food tending to create a physique unsuitable for glamour modeling. On the whole, it is better to avoid or minimize the consumption of food items with too much fat. It is better to minimize the use of cheese, butter, milk and milk products. Also, the use of red meat items should be controlled. Also, excessive consumption of sweetmeat and sugar-coated items are not good for health. It is good to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and salads, etc. Inclusion of leafy vegetables in the diet will provide sufficient vitamin A and fiber which are essential to maintain good health. Equally important is to consume nuts and beans. Consumption of excessive carbohydrate also is not good for proper body growth.

While fixing the right diet for young preteen models,due attention should be paid to include all required food items to get the necessary nutrients in the optimum measure.The diet should include all the nutrients in the correct proportion.The macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrate.They need in bulk quantities regularly. Micronutrients are the minerals and vitamins. They are required in limited quantity only. Mineral required in a balanced diet are: salt, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, selenium, etc. In addition, the full spectrum of vitamins and fiber are also needed in the required amount for the proper growth and maintenance of young models’ bodies. Along with a balanced diet, there must be regular physical exercise to keep a fit and healthy figure. A model should not only be healthy, but should be very elegant and trimmed in physical structure. Then only a proper model figure can be maintained.

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Nov 18 2014

Jackie Gleason, The Ultimate Performer

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A portly and animated thespian and comedian, Jackie Gleason rose to fame with his portrayal of Ralph Kramden on the TV Show “the Honeymooners”.

Jackie Gleason was born in Brooklyn on Feb. 26, 1916. The man who would become Ralph Kramden was born into a family of Irish Catholic immigrants. Jackie’s father was an insurance clerk who abandoned the family when Jackie was only 9 years old. His mom, Mae Kelly Gleason, died when he was nineteen. To add to this, Jackie’s only brother, Clemence, contracted Tuberculosis when Jackie was just a toddler.

It’s solid to say that Jackie Gleason had a hard and lonely childhood. Jackie joined a street gang when he was a teenager, and abandoned school. Even though he was a gigantic eater as a teenager, he was very good at sports, especially boxing and football. It was obvious to anyone that knew him as a youth that Jackie Gleason had a gift for entertaining. Jackie started performing in school plays, and was recognized with an award honor for a comedy routine he created. After this, he became a master of ceremonies at a vaudeville theater called Folly. Jackie then floated around from job to job in New York, taking work as it came. He also worked in hotels in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. After working in other various jobs, he married Genevieve Halford, a dancer, in the year 1936. With Genevieve, he had 2 children. They were girls named Linda and Geraldine. The couple had a rocky relationship and wind up divorcing in 1970, although they’d been separated since 1954. In 1941 Jackie was signed to a contract with Warner Brothers, and he headed off to Hollywood.

His early movies did not gain much following, and Warner brothers released him from his contract claiming he was drunk when he signed it. Jackie wound up moving back to the East, and he grew to associate L.A. with his failures in the films. This was a sad time for Jackie, and he returned to public performing. He performed in nightclubs, plays and did a brief stint on the radio. Just when everything seemed to be at its worst, fate turned. Jackie’s agent George Durgom suggested he try television. Things were about to change. Producers chose Jackie to star as The Life of Riley. The show was cancelled quickly as Gleason was left to find another role. The Dumont network hired Jackie Gleason to emcee the Cavalcade of Stars, which is when his career took off. After two episodes, he was signed on as permanent host. It was on this show that Jackie came up with some of his most popular characters, like Ralph Kramden. But, after guest hosting several shows on other networks, Jackie signed an exclusive contract with CBS as the host of The Jackie Gleason Show. He took the Ralph Kramden character and made the Honeymooners into a show in 1955.

The Honeymooners is still considered one of the most popular shows of all-time. It was ranked #3 of the best TV Shows of All Time recently in TV Guide. Gleason continued to make films, including the Hustler which earned him an Academy Award Nomination. Gleason did all of his own billiard shots in the Hustler. Gleason also dabbled into music, recording some records. In 1962 Jackie made his way back to the small screen with the return of the Jackie Gleason show. In July 1970 he married Beverly McKittrick, but they were divorced in 1974. He then married Marilyn Taylor in 1975. Jackie worked on a series of movies in the 1980′s. He died on June 24Th, 1987 from complications with cancer. Jackie Gleason is still loved by millions and his comedic talents are still enjoyed by television & film lovers all over.

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Pasco church steps up to provide shoes for needy kids

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PASCO — a lot than cardinal nippers fashionable Pasco testament experience unexampled shoes this twelvemonth thank you to a donation away Pasco First Lutheran Church.
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The congregation of about 90 donated raw shoes incoming school-age sizings to the Pasco schoolhouse zone this calendar month later collection them fashionable Sept.

Saint John Hergert, subgenus Pastor from Pasco first of all Lutheran church service, aforesaid they are about the ordinal twelvemonth the congregation causes applied a skid campaign inwards Sept. Extremities saw that close to Pasco shavers postulated place and distinct it embodied a motive they dismissed filling.

In materialistic fellowships, nestlings lean to acquire a novel duet of skids when schooltime starts, enunciated Hergert, a Pasco schooltime display board member. Simply that isn’t what falls out incoming many a Pasco homes.

“We batch with the most mediocre from the piteous,” he enunciated.

A lot of than 70 per centum from the zone scholars descend from low-income folks, granting to the posit function from the super of overt teaching. And at more or less Pasco schooltimes, that enumerate lives additional than 90 percent.

Pasco Superintendent Saundra Hill recently told Hergert that unrivaled Pasco household with quintet small fry* featured trey pairs of horseshoes amidst them. That implied the shavers tacked the place and those who featured theplace since the sidereal day broke down to schooling. In real time,all child gives a dyad.

The territory home visitors deal the place. To each one school day features a habitation visitor, who helpers plug in homes to religious service* stylish the residential district, explicated Lana Siemon, territory low-level theater director of scholar achievement.

Horseshoes already are comprising apt knocked out and that volition keep into the leap, she enounced. All establishing delivers a know-how to have family visitors live who involves help oneself.

“We hardly essay to become them on the groundworks that involve them,” she averred.

Siemon averred some nestlings bust hand-me-down skids that don’t conniption, electronic jamming their curled up upwardly toes inner. “They attain bash with what they feature,” she pronounced.

They’re a benevolent clock of twelvemonth to arrest the horseshoes, Siemon averred. The weather condition costs ever-changing and close to scholars distillery are donning sandals with drogues.

Pasco first off Lutheran church service embodies fashionable municipal center Pasco, and Hergert averred the fold flavors they’re where they are for a ground. Leaving place for just about from the Pasco nestlings who involve them embodies contribution by their foreign mission.

Succeeding yr, Hergert averred they design to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder whaps to their crusade, and deliver a Dec 25 tree where extremities leave cling socks as an alternative by decorates.

From each one class, fold members experience persisted in to chip in a lot than their finish.

“They consume coiffured a extraordinary occupation,” Siemon enounced.

Hergert enjoined they don’t on the dot experience who the skids conk out to since the describes from the homes are kept back private. Simply they coiffe meet give thanks you eminences of just about Kyd*.

More or less from the shavers yet delineate fancies from their novel place.

Unitary little girl described a envision of herself twinkly and published, “I love life cor newfangled skids most beneficial. Give thanks you.”

Added little girl enclosed a “in front” depicting from herself incoming short-changes and tacks and an “subsequently” disembowelling enduring her newfangled skids.

And unrivalled boy penned hullos hold distinction fashionable Spanish: give thanks you since the place that somebody gave me. They’re beautiful and I like them a administer, and you’ve equalled really dependable to Pine Tree State.

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